What should be known about the risks of an investment? – Credit

To know about the risks before an investment, it is best to obtain the necessary knowledge of the financial concepts. With well-founded foundations on the movement of figures in the world of finance you can invest without fear.

After this, you must have a well-defined goal in relation to time so that the risks are few. Because in spite of all the controls that are taken to mitigate the risk it will always be latent . Well said the ancestors, “he who does not invest in an egg can not get a chicken.” Investment is not the subject of large entities, you can also start with small amounts of money.

Start without fear of the risks before an investment


There are a variety of investment entities that offer financial products adaptable to any amount of money. It is a matter of choosing for personal convenience. In order to invest, one must know what is necessary in terms of financial concepts, without being a big smartie. In financial institutions there are specialized personnel in the field, to guide you in making the best market decisions.

High-risk investments

High-risk investments

There are high-risk investments , but these types of investments are left to experts. To begin with, the best ones are offered by the government or financial institutions, they are the ones that have little chance of shipwrecking.

There will always be a risk, however low, it is best to be prepared and know how to deal with it and avoid the least possible losses.

Learn about the concepts of the risks before an investment


» Market risk, which is the most common among investors, is affected by external situations and monetary policy that generate volatility in the stock market, which makes them tend to fall.

» Liquidity risk, when a product cannot be sold in the appropriate time. It is difficult to negotiate and have to deliver it for a lower price than purchased.

» Credit risk is the possibility of economic loss for not complying with the obligations agreed in a contract. It is applied to both entities and individuals.

» Concentration risk , as the name implies is to have all the investment in one place and of course when you retire it affects all other investors.

The best and looking at the above, is to seek investments in CDT, pension and severance funds, collective funds, stock market or fixed income. Interest paid ranges from 5% to 15%, but they are products that can be accommodated without difficulties.

Foreign currency loans – to postpone final vote on forint conversion proposal

The GFI has proposed that the House postpone its final vote on Tuesday’s bill on the conversion of foreign currency loans into forints, which they believe have not yet been clarified.

Lacked a conversion calculator


Arnold Sniffer, co-chairman of the opposition party, raised a question at Monday’s press conference on whether debtors’ installments would actually be reduced by 25 percent; he does not know what the government is basing the number on. The politician also lacked a conversion calculator on the Good Finance bank’s website to help stakeholders calculate the impact of the conversion.

Buying it at a much lower price

money loan

He also stated that the Good Finance Bank of Hungary “steals” debtors by about HUF 100 billion by providing the banks with foreign currency for the transaction at a market price, while buying it at a much lower price.

The government argued that the ruling of the Muria and the regulations of the Good Finance Bank and the Union do not allow the Good Finance bank to conduct foreign exchange transactions at a fictitious exchange rate, said the decision of the Muria does not bind the legislator, but if the government would also justify postponing the final vote.

The politician also strangely referred to EU standards as being “not typical of a freedom fighter government” for the past four years, he said.

New loan charges are linked to a reference rate


At the briefing, Elizabeth Shuck, MP for the GFI, considered the forint conversion to be belated, unfair and uncertain as to its outcome. He added that since the new loan charges are linked to a reference rate, there is no guarantee of a low level of interest rates. In his view, the government is not sure whether the forint converts can do well, as is indicated by the fact that they have widened the circle, which will not be obliged to convert.

Meanwhile, the House has adopted its weekly agenda, which will include Tuesday’s final vote.

Payday loans comparing rates and loan of 10,000 USD interest

Shareholders mortgages

Shareholders mortgages

The mortgage will run out of express funding in which you have already thought of providing you with liquidity assistance. Before the installment, however, it will not be renewed as long as you are the financing simulation that allows you to pay, if compared to 501, 38 USD. If not necessarily do when you will find, in fact, in the waiting room to choose your credit score.

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Expenses for the loan transfer

Expenses for the loan transfer

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