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Get instant payday loans with quick approval

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In some cases, you only have a small bottleneck that can be remedied with a mini instant loan.

A loan of up to € 3,000 will be awarded for this type of loan, but it will be quickly repaid.

Especially in the network, there are many providers who grant immediate credit without proof of purchase. Especially with an instant loan from a private to a private loan, you do not necessarily need a receipt, or it is often waived. In this case, an income certificate will be issued. They have to look at the service providers very well, often they do not provide proof of income, but need securities such as home or car. You can also quickly get loan approval and the amount of money you have in your bank account to close your bottlenecks.

The interest rates on a loan without proof of income are also completed within a reasonable timeframe.

Anyone who does not have a regular salary and still wants a loan on advantageous terms, it certainly was not easy. The company is not a suitable company; it wants at least the proof of a monthly salary of 850 EUR with an instant loan.

You as a self-employed person must even show 1500 EUR. Here are the prospects of a loan with lower credit much better than a house bank. If you can provide proof of income, you should do so, and you will have a real and good chance of getting a loan.

what is the nominal interest rate and how it differs from the RRR – Cheap Loan

The first thing we look at is the interest rate. It seems to us that if it is low, the whole loan will be cheap, but in practice it is not always the case. That is why marketers of various loan companies and banks so willingly include “2% interest rate” or other slogans of this type on advertising materials, but they provide the rest of the information with a much smaller print. A much more accurate indicator of whether a given offer is profitable is the Actual Annual Interest Rate, abbreviated Laraw. In that case, what makes up the nominal interest rate per year and how does it differ from the Laraw? Why may a low nominal interest rate not guarantee a cheap loan?

What is the nominal interest rate?

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The nominal interest rate is expressed as a percentage. It means the interest rate on which interest will be charged on our debt. The higher the interest rate, the greater the nominal interest we pay – this is quite obvious and understandable. For example, at a nominal interest rate of 10% on USD 100, nominal interest will be USD 10. However, it is worth knowing that the nominal interest rate consists of several different elements. The first and most important is the interbank base rate, i.e. 3M WIBOR. It should be emphasized that its amount is completely independent of the bank and it cannot increase or decrease it. On the other hand, the margin is the element of interest which depends entirely on the will of the bank. So if we think that the interest rate on a given loan offer is too high, we can always negotiate it – but only the part that consists of the margin. Therefore, it is always worth asking what margin has been set for us and whether it is possible to lower it, especially in the case of long-term loans such as mortgage loans.

Be it thanks to our good negotiating skills or compromise.


The bank may offer us a lower margin in exchange for a more valuable loan collateral, for example the purchase of its insurance. In the case of mortgage loans, the margin, and thus the entire nominal interest rate , may depend on the amount of our own contribution. However, the nominal interest rate per annum does not only apply to loans. You can also meet something like the nominal interest rate on the deposit . However, this is not a percentage by which we can multiply our contribution and calculate how much we will earn on such a deposit. It does not include factors such as inflation or Belka’s tax. So if the bank wants to encourage us through a high interest rate on the deposit, it is worth reading the details of the offer, because it may not be as attractive as it might seem at first glance.

How does the interest rate differ from the Laraw?

How does the interest rate differ from the Laraw?

Unlike the nominal interest rate, the Laraw is a percentage that takes into account not only the interest rate itself, but also all commissions (for example for granting a loan), additional fees and other costs. Thanks to this, we are able to assess at a glance whether a given offer is really as profitable as it seems. The larger the Laraw, the greater the total cost of the loan or credit. On the other hand, if you pay only interest, you may later overpay significantly if you add other fees. So keep this in mind when considering the offers of various banks. Fortunately, both them and all other financial institutions have a statutory obligation to include in their offers a clearly marked amount of Laraw.

It is good to know what the nominal interest rate is and whether it is really worth suggesting it or assessing the attractiveness of a given offer. Contrary to appearances, it gives us much less information about the total cost of credit than we would expect. In addition, it is a good idea to make use of the information that part of the interest rate (specifically the margin) can be negotiated with the bank.

Creditworthiness – borrower’s financial capacity analysis – Cash loans

The bank refused you a loan because you don’t have creditworthiness? This often happens, especially in the largest banks. They don’t complain about the lack of customers. You can apply for a loan at several other banks. It’s best to choose the niche that are fighting for customers. The creditworthiness they calculate is much lower.


Banks’ credit policy


It is known that banks earn the most on interest on loans. It is enough to compare the interest rates on deposits and loans. The difference is about 10%, it’s a profit for the bank. Banks willingly grant loans and through advertising campaigns encourage clients to take them.

At the same time, however, banks must look after their financial security. The easiest tool to check a customer is his creditworthiness.


As evidenced by creditworthiness

As evidenced by creditworthiness

A thorough analysis of creditworthiness allows the bank to assess whether the borrower repays the loan installments with interest. Bank analysts take into account other factors that minimize the risk, besides the balance per balance. They will assess the creditworthiness of a person employed on a contract of employment in the budgetary sphere much higher than a person employed on the same terms in the private sector. People employed on temporary contracts are even worse off. As a rule, the loan repayment period may not exceed the contract’s expiry date.

Before you go to the bank, you can do the analysis yourself using the creditworthiness calculator.


Creditworthiness analysis

Creditworthiness analysis

There is no single formula by which one can calculate creditworthiness. Each bank applies its own rules and conversion rates. Based on the same certificates, you will get a loan in one bank, you will be refused in another or you will get it on worse terms. This is the result of individual credit policy covered by banking secrecy.

In the loan application you must provide the amount requested, your income and liabilities. The credit counselor will ask you a number of additional questions regarding:

  • the status of your flat,
  • the number of people in the household and their income,
  • owned movable and immovable property,
  • farm maintenance costs,
  • liabilities to other banks.

What to do when the bank negatively evaluates our credit standing? In this situation, there are two solutions, use the offer of non-bank companies or check how to increase your credit standing.

The spouse borrowed money without my knowledge – Take out Loan

In secret before the spouse, you can do various things. 

You can also take a loan or credit in secret

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The matter becomes even more complicated when it turns out that the spouse does not pay his obligations on time.

A loan or loan taken by one spouse without the knowledge of another is nothing short of nothing. Today, in the case of most loans , credits, debit on your account or credit card, there is no need to present consent of the other spouse – just one signature is enough. Often, however, there is a quota limitation – sometimes a few, sometimes a few tens of thousands of zlotys.

When a spouse easily repays loans and other obligations he has made, the other half may never know about it. However, when there are delays in repayment, letters from debt collection companies start to come to the house, telephones appear, even personal visits by debt collectors. Often the case also seems when we want to incur another loan or credit together with the spouse, but the bank refuses to pay us because of the negative history in the spouse’s BIK.

When we have a property community, which is the standard in Poland, what should we do if the spouse borrowed money without our permission and made debts?

He borrowed without the knowledge and for himself – he will give away his own assets

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If the spouse lent money to their needs without informing the other half, then it is up to him to pay the debt. When we did not know anything about it and we did not give any consent, we are not financially liable for the debts of the other spouse.

Of course, there is also the question of falsifying the signature on the contract, the credentials of untruth – here you will need to clarify the case in court.

Loan with consent – we bear responsibility from the joint property

Loan with consent - we bear responsibility from the joint property

In case we knew that our partner took out a loan that he can not pay back now, we will be partially responsible for the debt. A bank or other loan company must then prove that the long-term spouse knew about the loan. Then the bailiff will be able to take care of the so-called common property, but not our personal one. For example, you can not make an execution of property that we had before the creation of a property community, that is, before marriage.

A loan for ordinary family needs – common responsibility for debts

It is worth mentioning, however, another issue – the law indicates that spouses are jointly responsible for those debts that have been incurred due to the so-called ordinary needs of the family. These include food, clothing, housing, health care, fees for raising children, spiritual and cultural development. Therefore, the court may decide that the spouses are jointly responsible for the debts, but there is an exception. Important reasons that can exclude joint responsibility for debt include recklessness, extravagance, and inefficiency.

Therefore, the liability for the debts of the other spouse depends primarily on what the money was spent on, and whether we knew about the existence of debt.